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Ök fortjenesten, få operativ översikt, fölg personal og kundtrender! Bevchek er det ledende systemet i markedet med en genial enkel, men kraftig nettbasert lösning for ägare og ledere innanför restaurangbranschen, som önsker å utnytte realtidsteknologi for att öka er bruttoförtjenest med opptil 20%


    Real-time Flow and POS Sales Management System for Your Draft Beverages


    The hospitality industry is historically plagued by a slippage problem that far exceeds any other business sector. A lack of employee responsibility and accountability results in the average hospitality establishment losing up to 25% of its beverage alcohol revenue – and traditionally, draft beer has always been the most difficult beverage to control.

    Often referred to as the “Black Hole” of the bar business, many hospitality establishments have seen overpouring, waste, spillage, and outright theft become standard operating procedure in their draft beverage programs. But now, with the help of Bevchek’s beer management software, owners can finally account for every ounce as it is poured.


    Our unique, proprietary technology transmits real-time bar sales and usage data to POS Management Software that owners and operators can access through the Internet anytime, anywhere. Bevchek is easy to use, affordable and provides data that enables a manager to reduce slippage, monitor staff behavior, and save valuable revenue that otherwise might have gone down the drain – or walked out the door.


    • Beer control software reads usage volumes as they are poured
    • POS interface reads beverage sales data from all establishment POS machines
    • All data is then sent to Bevchek servers where it is sorted, stored and prepared for viewing
    • The user can access the data on any web-enabled device worldwide through secure access to our website
    • Measures ounces within 99% accuracy of what is actually poured
    • Provides real-time information updated every minute
    • Variance reports customizable to provide alerts via email or mobile phone if any reported pours exceed set parameters
    • Provides hospitality establishment owners with real-time product sales from their POS terminals relative to real-time pours measured through our advanced flow meter technology
    • Highlights slippage caused by theft, collusion or negligence and puts profits back into the pockets of the owners, instead of staff and customers



    Custom Draft Beverage Menu Available Live for Your Guests

    Bevmenu is a guest-facing web application that is a fully functional online beverage menu, fed by the inventory and volume information already being collected by Bevchek. It was designed specifically at the request of several of our clients who pride themselves on their loyal customer base and excellent selection of draft beer.

    Utilize Bevmenu to advertise new beer flavors, limited availability offerings like seasonal and batch beers, drink specials, and rotating craft or brewery selections, as well as saving your staff from printing and re-printing physical menus every time brands get rotated. Menu information can be configured to display in real-time on tablets or TVs placed anywhere in the store, or even as a mobile app that guests can download to stay informed on the go.


    A System to Ensure Optimum Temperatures in Your Coolers.

    Stop guessing at the way your coolers and freezers should be run – and stop assuming that “well enough” is good enough. Bevchek’s proprietary temperature monitoring system Tempchek is simple and straightforward, designed to be another stream of real-time information for managers using Bevchek to make every ounce count.

    Tempchek sensors are tested thoroughly to be accurate to a tenth of a degree under normal operating conditions. They provide a site with:

    • Real-time information: Knowing the current condition in coolers and freezers is as easy as logging in to your site’s customized Bevchek account and clicking the Tempchek tab.
    • Automated reporting: Mandated temperature checks are performed automatically, and the information is never out of reach of any internet-enabled device.
    • Reduction in cost: Through fine-tuning of cooling systems to stably achieve appropriate temperatures. Tracking changes in temperature gives a manager the information needed to correct a small problem before it becomes an expensive one.
    • Peace of mind: If temperature consistency is lost, an alert (email, text, MMS/SMS) can be sent to the appropriate member of the organization, who may then act swiftly to minimize loss.

    24 Hour Services and Support for Any Draft Problem.

    With clients in 33 countries and distribution channels in place on five continents, Bevchek is the premiere global solution for real-time monitoring of draft beverage programs. In addition, Bevchek’s staff is made up of beer industry professionals who are dedicated to promoting integrity, education, and quality in every draft system we meet. With this in mind, we are ready and willing to offer consultation on any and all draft beverage issues that may arise for our clients:

    • Draft system issues (foaming, temperature/pressure fluctuations, maintenance)
    • Draft system repair
    • New construction

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