Profit Management

Measuring Cup

Bring clarity to your kitchen performance by identifying strategies to resolve food cost problems.

  • Bring clarity to your kitchen performance by identifying strategies to resolve food cost problems

    The most comprehensive food profit management service in the industry, offering you solutions leading to more effective control of every aspect of your food operations.

    Sculpture Hospitality’s food control solution, Measuring Cup, is proven to increase efficiency, maximize profits, decrease food costs, reduce shrinkage and waste, and save you time. Your full-service food management partner!

    Take control of your food inventory management

    Few restaurateurs do a regular and complete food inventory count – it’s simply too time-consuming and often ineffective. But hospitality industry experts agree that a full weekly inventory is the best way to identify and correct food inventory costing and ordering problems! Here’s where Measuring Cup will help your business improve its bottom-line.


    Look at the Measuring Cup difference:

    • Unique, personalized face-to-face management partner
    • Concise, reliable, frequent audits for a variety of food items
    • Streamline order/receiving processes and automatically prepare and verify vendor orders and shipments
    • Enhance stock rotation to reduce waste and ensure FIFO (first in, first out) system
    • Assist in developing product specs and quality control
    • Automated customizable variance reports will help clients analyze and plan recipe pricing and
    profitability by ingredient, set food targets, ideal food costs, and middle-of-the-plate costing and tracking
    • Ensure portioning consistency and standardized recipes
    • Reduce shrinkage and over-portioning
    • Reduce your food cost-of-goods-sold and increase profits
    • Mobile ready with cross-platform technology – use anywhere, anytime!

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